Wood Look Tile

wood look tile 1

I love the look of the hardwood floor. Wood looks natural and warm. It is also very flexible to create any look you want when you decorate a room. It can be modern or traditional. But wood is easily scratched, not to mention that it is vulnerable to moisture and humidity; any spills have to be mopped fast and get any leaks fixed fast. Due to this issue, hardwood floor can’t be installed in the bathroom and laundry room.

I like tile because it’s not easily scrathed and it withstands water very well. That is why tile is very popular material to use in the kitchen and bathroom. Tile floor also great for homes with pets. The hard surface is capable to withstand the dog’s or cat’s nails. But it doesn’t have that natural and warm wood look. For that reason, wood look tile is my favorite flooring material for now. It is durable, it’s modern, look natural and warm.

Check out these pictures below and hope you get as excited as I am with this material:

wood look tile 1

wood look tile 2

wood look tile 3



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