Types of Countertop Materials

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There are different types of countertop material options. In a kitchen design, other than colors and price, we also have to consider about maintenance and durability of the material that we choose, especially countertop. Kitchen countertop will have to endure every activities that we do throughout the year. It will be dirty, it will be wet, so it has to be easy to clean and not easilyscratched.

Here are some popular options:

  1. Butcher block

It comes in different type of wood and colors. Wood always look natural and beautiful. It will definitely gives any kitchen a warm look and feel as well compare to stones, tiles or concrete. The downside is, wood is porous so it has to be properly sealed and consistently treated with protectants. Also make sure that no water sitting too long or it will seep into the seams. It is also a soft material compare to stone, tile or concrete so it is easily damaged.

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butcher block 1

2. Concrete

It is unique, very durable and not easily damaged (dented or broken) but it is susceptible to stain if it’s not sealed properly. It also has to be sealed every 1-3 years.

concrete kitchen countertop 1

concrete kitchen countertop 2

3. Granite

I guess granite countertop is the most popular countertop these days. Almost every new home build that I saw, they all have granite countertop in their kitchen and bathrooms. It has beautiful pattern like an artwork. The more grain/pattern the more expensive it is. It is heat resistance so you don’t have to worry about putting a hot pan on it, it won’t damage the granite. But granite is actually porous. Just like concrete, it has to be sealed properly or it can absorb tea, coffee or wine and creating a stain that is impossible to remove. Some treated granite can last 10 years without being resealed but most of them has to be resealed every year.

granite kitchen 1

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4. Marble

Marble is beautiful and elegant. It is also heat resistant. But it is more porous than granite, therefore it absorbs stain easily if it’s not sealed properly. It is also easily scratched and chipped, so be careful of using sharp knives or heavy pots and pans.

marble kitchen 1

marble kitchen 2

5. Crushed/Recycled Glass

It is unique and beautiful. Both acrylic and concrete crushed glass countertops are non porous so they are easy to clean. But again, the concrete crush glass has to be sealed properly to make the concrete part stain resistant. It is pretty strong but if too much weight it still might crack. Also anything that contains high acid like tomato or harsh cleaners can actually ruin the acrylic if left forgotten on the counter.

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6. Slate

Slate has a very masculine look due to its dark color. It is heat resistant and non-porous. It is also very durable, not easily chip. I think the downside is just not too many variety of colors.

slate kitchen 1

7. Quartz

This manmade/engineered stone is my favorite material. It’s durable and non porous that means it’s low maintenance. It is pricey and more into the contemporary look than traditional style. It is not as heat resistant as granite or concrete. So be careful when putting a hot pan or heating tool on it.

quartz kitchen 1

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