Spring Decorations For The Home

flower 3

It’s time for spring room decor! When I think of Spring, I immediately think of the beautiful flowers blooming. Easiest room decorating with flower, of course, just put vases of flowers in any room you want to reflect spring. But that’s not the case in my home, I can’t do that, since my husband has major pollen allergy. I don’t allow any flowers or plants in the house. It makes the room pretty but it makes him sick and makes me busy taking care of him. So no more flowers for me on any occasions; valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary, etc, just give me the cash please…hahahaha.

Flowers can be traditional, country or modern. It can be in anything or anywhere in the room, just don’t put too much of it. Also for something that feels seasonal, I like it to be on something that can be replaced easily, unless you really really reallyyyy like it, do whatever you want =). Just pick one thing in the room that can be non-solid, like the room wall, pillows, rug, etc.  I like modern design, so  here are some modern decor that include flowers to brighten up your room:

Modern flower rugs

flower 1

flower 5

Dining chair covers

flower 6

Wall Decor

flower 4

Chair, pillow

flower 3


flower 2

For wallpaper, since it’s a lot of work to replace, find something that is neutral in color and pattern like picture above. Just in case you need to change your furniture, it will blend in more easily. Happy Spring!!

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