Room Where Minimalist Design Does Not Work

kids fun playroom 1

I like minimalist design even though it’s not my favorite style. It’s modern, simple and sleek. But the minimalist style can come out as cold and boring and definitely doesn’t work for kids room. When I think about kids room, I think about pop of colors, toys and all other fun stuffs. The more the merrier but it doesn’t mean clutter. Bright colors mean fun and playful, along with other cute decorations. This is the room that stimulates creativity and fun.
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Bright bold colors, patterns, toys and decorations are fun but it can also make the room looks messy and clutter. Keep the main decorations on the wall and ceiling. Keep the floor minimal, just one big rug or no rug for easy cleaning. Definitely needs lots of storage and a sitting area to do any school work or any crafts. For storage, I like cabinets that stand against the wall with lots of shelves or cubes or anything stackable, so it doesn’t take too much of the floor space.

Here are some of my picks for easy kids room design:


kids fun playroom 1

kids fun playroom 2

kids fun playroom 3

If you notice on the last picture, one wall is painted with chalkboard paint and creates a huge chalkboard. It’s time to get creative!

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