Modern White Kitchen

modern white kitchen 1

I love white in everything, from clothes to home decor. My favorite kitchen color is white kitchen; white cabinets, white counter top and white floor. It’s classic, elegant, looks clean and I can see where needs to be cleaned. But when it’s too white, the kitchen looks cold and uninviting, like this.

E6 0001

kitchen interior

modern kitchen 4

To create a warmer look, add a contrast color to the design. It can be simply done by adding a pot of herbs and/or a bowl of fruits on the counter, create a hanging garden above the kitchen island, like this and use different color for the biggest part of the kitchen like floor, back splash and/or the wall, or use different color of counter top for the island. This picture below is one of my favorite designs and it basically includes all the elements that I mentioned. If I would change it, I would just add cabinet door and drawer pulls/knobs.

modern white kitchen 1

I like the contrast color on this one, it has all the things that I mentioned. The only thing that I don’t like is the counter top color is too dark. Yes, dark would hide all the dirt but it also makes it harder to see where to clean.

modern white kitchen 3

What is your favorite kitchen design?

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