Mismatch Dining Chairs

mismatch dining chairs 2

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There is no right or wrong in design, you don’t have to have a matching set of everything. Just like these dining chairs, they are different but still work well for the room design. It builds the character for the room and definitely a conversational piece. To keep it cohesive with the rest of the room design and doesn’t look like a junk collection, I prefer to have the same shape of chairs with different colors or same colors in different shapes or pick a pair of chairs that are perfectly match and the rest can be different. Here are some examples:

Same/similar shapes, different colors

mismatch dining chairs 3  mismatch dining chairs 5

mismatch dining chairs

Same colors, different shapes

mismatch dining chairs 4

A pair of matching styles at both end of the tables 

mismatch dining chairs 2

mismatch dining chairs 6

What do you think?

See chairs that you like on the picture above? Click the pictures below to see where you can get them.

Kartell Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck

home office playroom study room ghost chair

dining chair

dining chair 2


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