Kids Carpet Tiles

carpet tile in kids room 1

Designer carpet tiles are beautiful and great option for flooring in kids room. It’s a carpet in a tile form. It is easy to install therefore it is much cheaper. My favorite is adhesive carpet tiles. It’s like putting stickers on the floor, as easy as that. I can be creative and make any pattern that I like. Unlike the big carpet, carpet tile doesn’t require stretching. I find it very convenient to use this type of flooring coverage in the kids room or dining area. Kids are messy in general, not to mention any “accident” during potty training or any vomiting incident when they’re sick. Carpet tile is easy to be removed and replaced per tile, without having to move everything out of the room.

Let’s see some design ideas and inspiration with carpet tiles:

carpet tile in kids room 1

carpet tile in kids room 2

carpet tile in kids room 3

carpet tile in kids room 4



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