Easy to Clean Bathroom Design

modern minimalist white bathroom 1

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When I look at a room design, other than its aesthetic part, I also look at its practicality. For bathroom design, I especially like the one that makes cleaning job easy. Bathroom is the place to relax, so it has to be beautiful. But it’s also a place where all the possible germs are, so needs to be cleaned often.

Here are the main key things that I believe makes the room so much easier to clean:

1. Other than kitchen, I like white bathroom. It can also be paired with any light soft neutral color, like beige, blue or grey.

White looks clean and fresh. I’m okay with dark cabinets or shelves but definitely do not like dark floor. It is so hard to see where to clean  when it is dark color. Any bold contrasting color can be represented by the bathroom accessories, like towels and floor mat; things that I can just throw in the washing machine to get it cleaned.

2. Under mount sink.

Modern design with a bowl shape sink looks very cool but I like under mount sink better. It has less edges to clean. When cleaning the counter top, I just wipe all the way through and everything goes straight to the sink. If the sink is over mounted or a bowl shape sink, the dirt will stop on the edges and I need to clean the edges. More work!

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3. Floating wall mounted cabinets and toilet.

Anything off the floor will give the illusion of a bigger room because it has more floor space. It is also make it easy to clean the floor without having to move things around. For cabinets and shelves, if possible, build it inside the wall or mounted to the wall and floating.

4. Do not pick any light fixture that looks like a bowl facing up.

Bowl shape is collecting dust. I always choose the one that faces down or just another shape that has a flat top.

Here are some designs that fits my criteria and they all happened to be minimalist style.

modern minimalist white bathroom 1

modern minimalist white bathroom 2

I don’t like the dark floor here, but I like the floating cabinets and the under mount sink.modern minimalist white bathroom 3
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This is an easy light fixture to clean.
modern minimalist white bathroom 4

spa bathroom design

Face down, so it’s easy to clean the flat top.crystal bath light 2

What bathroom design style do you like?


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