Designing a Fun and Safe Kids Bedroom

kids bedroom 4

I love looking at different designs of kids bedroom. Kids are full of imagination, so it has to be fun and imaginative. But as a mom, other than fun, I also look over some specific issues like; is it safe? how easy to clean this bedroom? will the kids outgrow this decor or this furniture?

Here are some important details that I look at in the kids bedroom design:

1. A lot of labeled storage.

Kids are always messy. A lot of storage is a must to declutter the room and make sure each storage is labeled to each specific category for easy sorting. Most common storage solution is colorful bins. It has double duty as storage and room decor. If the bedroom is small, pick the furniture that has storage solution as well, like bed with drawers, storage ottoman, etc.

2. Nothing heavy installed above or close to the bed.

Hang a framed artwork/picture or install shelving units on the opposite wall of the bed or any wall that does not have any direct contact with the bed. This is to avoid any freak accident that would cause the heavy item falls onto your child while he/she is sleeping, i.e. earthquake or just bad screws fall off the dry wall. If you think the wall is too empty, use wallpaper, wall decal or paint a pattern using stencils or be creative with the blue tape.

3. Bed with trundle instead of bunk bed.

Bunk bed is fun, but unless you don’t have enough room, try to avoid bunk bed. Kids under 6 years old are not allowed to sleep on the top part of the bunk bed. In case of fire, smoke always rise up, so it’s not safe for the kid who sleep on the top where the smoke will be accumulated, especially if you have low ceiling home.

gogogo bar healthy snack banner4. Pick high quality furniture that the kids will not outgrow.

Race car or pirate ship beds are fun but the kids will grow out of it and you need to get a new bed. If you don’t mind to spend the money, time and effort, please do so. I, personally, prefer a simple furniture with basic natural color that would last a long time. I even skipped a toddler bed, just go straight to adult size bed. If you have a bedroom theme like superhero, hello kitty or princesses, use wall decals, colorful bedding, area rug, or any accessories like plush toy or pillows to decorate the room. It’s easy to change when the kids grow out of it.

5. Do not overdecorate

Decor items accumulate dusts. Lots of cleaning to do and it’s not good for children who has allergy. Keep it simple, less is more.

Here are some simple kids room decor for your inspiration:

kids bedroom 1

kids bedroom 3

kids bedroom 4

kids bedroom 3

kids bedroom 4


kids bedroom 2


kids bedroom 5

Interior of playroom for two childen. 3d render.

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