Creative Home Storage Solutions

unique home storage idea 5

To create more interesting storage space, sometimes you have to think outside the box, outside regular shelving and cabinets. Check out these unique and creative home storage solutions.

Building Blocks Storage for Nursery

Isn’t this just adorable?? It’s a way to teach alphabet to your kids at the same time =).

unique home storage idea 1

Hidden Storage

To safe space, create a built in inside the wall for your storage solution. It also works as a hidden storage like this one.

unique home storage idea 2

Small Appliances Hideaway

Instead of taking the small appliances in and out the cabinet all the time, just create a door to hide those appliances on the counter, it’s much more convenient =).

unique home storage idea 3

Storage Under the Staircase Landing

So many storage ideas surrounding the staircase, but this one is a great idea to maximize the use of the landing space.

unique home storage idea 4

Balcony Storage

Check this one out from IKEA Frankfurt. I think it makes the apartment building much more interesting and unique.

unique home storage idea 5Bathroom Storage Solutions

You can use plant pots or hang those weave baskets on the wall, like this. It’s a unique home decor and it’s definitely functional.

unique home storage idea 6

unique home storage idea 7

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