Choosing An Area Rug

living room with bold rug 4

It is nice to have an area rug especially for non-carpeted flooring, especially during the cold winter. But even for a carpeted floor, an area rug will define the space, separating rooms in a big open space and add an extra touch in the room design.

Area rug comes in different materials, shapes, sizes and patterns. In choosing the size, go for a bigger size, but do not touch the baseboard. If it’s a small room and will be placed closed to the wall, placed it around 12-14 inches from the baseboard. Bigger rug gives an illusion of a bigger room. If you can’t find the size that you want, try taping 2 rugs together.

Big Rugmodern living room with rug 1

Small Rugskylight 5gogogo bar healthy snack banner

Depending on the size of the rug and the room, I prefer only one side of the furniture should be on the rug, but not all of them on the rug. When the furniture all placed completely on top of the rug, the rug size dictates the room size.

Compare these 2 pictures

living room with area rug 1

living room with area rug 2
Sometimes the reason to not go for a patterned wall or furniture, because those are harder and more expensive to change when you feel tired looking at it. To play it safe, people tend to pick plain basic neutral wall color and furniture. To make the room stands out, pick an a area rug with bold pattern/color and/or different texture.

Bold Color and Patterns

living room with bold rug 1

living room with bold rug 3

Different Texture

living room with bold rug 4

Hope this inspires you to start your home decor shopping =).
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