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modern luxury bathroom 3

I am currently looking for remodeled bathroom ideas It’s for a rehab project that I’m working on in the bay area. It’s a million dollar home so I have to create a design that screams luxury but still within a given budget. The owner likes dark cabinetry, so I have to work around that style and color. Here are some options:

Keys To Great Bathroom Layout And Designing Most Dangerous Thriler Bathroom Designs Photos Bathroom Designs Photos - a Kitchen GalleryI like the contrasting and natural color palette in this design. The only thing I don’t like about this design that this looks a little dark. Additional windows or skylight might help to brighten up this room.

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Well, this one doesn’t have dark cabinets, but I like the design of the vanity. It looks so modern. Also grey hues screams luxury and modern.

modern luxury bathroom 3

Pattern tiling work is the hype for 2016 design. What do you think of the tile work design above the bath tub? yay or nay? I actually like it, it’s unique and ┬áit creates a focal point in the room. But this kind of design is very taste specific. If you plan to sell the house in the future, this will not be a good choice.

modern luxury bathroom 4

This is actually perfect, mixing the dark cabinet design with grey hue. I like the waterfall countertop design on the vanity. It’s very elegant.

Which one is your favorite?





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