3D Wall Design

wall design 4

Most of the time when I think about wall decor, I only think about paint color, painting or mural. Textured or 3D wall decoration is another option to create an interesting art in the room. It can be anything from plaster, wood, glass, bricks, natural stones, to repurposing old window shutters, old doors, etc. This is something that can’t be easily change if you don’t like the result. It can add character if it’s designed correctly but It can be tacky as well if it’s too much. I like to keep it minimal and in just one wall of the room. Just like picking a dress/outfit to wear, less is better.

Here are some ideas of different kind of textured 3D wall design that might inspire you:

wall design 1

wall design 2

wall design 3

wall design 4

wall design 5

wall design 6

wall design 7

wall design 8





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